Online Donations & Membership

After completing your online donation, you will be asked to provide your contact information and other details that will help us optimize your membership.

Membership Options:cropped-Jaw34vY2RVf7t328vYg6.gif

    • 2024 Personal or Family MaCKRO Membership. There is no set fee. A donation is requested.
    • 2024 Group Membership  (One fee of $100, submitted by the group’s advisor)
    • Personal Lifetime Membership ($350 fee)
    • Family Lifetime Membership ($500 fee). Please list other family members to be included with this membership in the space provided.
    • Current holders of Personal Lifetime memberships may upgrade to Family Lifetime memberships by submitting an additional $150 fee.
    • Already have a membership or don’t want one but wish to Donate? You can do that also.
    • To make a online donation in any of the above membership categories, click the Donate link below.  (This will allow you to pay either using PayPal or with a credit card).

    After you have donated online, please take two minutes to complete our
    Online membership form.

    If you prefer to print the membership form and submit by mail, please click here.